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Emerald Lakes Community Plan

Significant Projects:

Emerald Lakes, Brevard County. Sustainable Multi Use Urban Community, 1,661 acres with Traditional Neighborhood Downtown Development; 2.8 million sf retail, office, hospital, senior care facilitie, and 3,760 dwelling unitss. General Manager for Programming and Entitlements, including Comprehensive Plan, Zoning, Environmental Permits, Marketing and Sales.

• The Main Street @ Coconut Creek DRI, Broward County. Multi-Use Urban Community; consisting of 157 gross acres in the City of Coconut Creek, Broward County, strategically located between Lyons Road, Sample Road, Willes Road and US 441. Main Street is designed to provide a mix of living options including townhomes, multifamily residences, apartments and luxury condominiums with convenient pedestrian spaces between shopping, entertainment and restaurant uses. Residents will enjoy premium views from the Pedestrian Boardwalk, the Eco-Park, and the Lake Vistas. The community is pedestrian and bicycle friendly with blke lanes, wide sidewalks, walking paths and tree-lined streets. A city Market and Plaza off Main Street will offer a gathering place with kiosks and eating areas.
• The Main Street @ Coconut Creek DRI was approved in 2010 and permitted to develop:
       Commercial: 1,625,000 sq. ft. of gross floor space.

       Office: 525,000 sq. ft. gross floor space.

       Residential: 1,750 residential units.

• The property will require Rezoning to Planned Main Street Development District (PMDD) and be in compliance with the Main Street Design Standards.

• Required Access Roads include Banks Rd, NW 54 Ave. Cullum Rd. Fisheman’s Dr. and Main St.

• The Current Development program includes 2,134 Residential Units and 400,000 sq. ft. Retail/Office uses.

• The Residential product proposed consists of 2-3 Story Townhomes, 3-4 Story Multifamily and 6-8 Story Midrise. Live-work spaces and neighborhood retail will be allowed along Main Street Blvd.

• The Retail product will be centered along Lyons Rd. , expanding the commercial corridor from the existing Promenade at Coconut Creek Open Air mall, with 36 stores, 14 restaurants and Silverspot Cinema.

• Hickory Hammock, Orange County. Exclusive Lake Front Residential Community;
848 acres, 500 residential units. Project Manager for Annexation, Comprehensive Plan and P.U.D. Zoning approvals, environmental permitting and sales.

• The Hills, Lake County. Multi-Use Urban Community; 1,832 acres, 4,000 residential units, 3,000,000 sq. ft. Retail/Office, Hospital, Hotel, Schools. Project Manager for Entitlements, Due Diligence..

• Brevard Eco-Park, Brevard County. Integrated Multi Use Business and Residential Community; 740 acres, 350,000 sf retail and office, 900,000 sf research park, 1,260 residential units.General Manager for Land Use, Programming, Permitting, Marketing and Sales..

• Country Lakes DRI, Broward County. Mixed use Development of Regional Impact; 2,000 acres, 3,000 residential units, 1.1 million sf industrial, 600,000 sf commercial. Project Manager and Owners' Representative for planning, permitting, construction and operations. 

• Durbin Crossing DRI, St. Johns County. Master Planned Residential Community; 2,086 acres; 2,498 residential units, 200,000 sf Village Center. Project Manager for DRI, Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Sector Plan Approvals.

• Bluegrass Lakes DRI, Broward County. Mixed use Development Project; 800 acres, 2,399 residential units, 200,000 sf commercial. Planning Consultant for DRI, Comprehensive Land Use Plan, PUD Zoning Approvals and Community Development District.

• Sunset Lakes, Broward County. Master planned residential community; 1,912 acres, 1,896 residential units. General Manager for planning, Comprehensive Plan and Zoning approvals, permitting, marketing, sales and land development.

• Windsor Palms, Broward County. Residential community; 200 acres, 408 residential units.
Project Manager for planning, permitting and land development.

• Summerchase, Broward County. Master planned residential community; 280 acres, 640 residential units. Project Manager for planning, permitting, and PUD Zoning approvals.

• Midport DRI, St. Lucie County. Mixed Use Development of Regional Impact; 1,223 acres, 2,049 residential units, 1,430,000 sf commercial, office and medical.  Director of Planning for DRI and zoning approvals.

• Interchange DRI, Brevard County. Mixed Use Development; 630 acres; 690 residential units,
1,700,000 sf industrial and commercial. Director of Planning for DRI management and monitoring.

Client References provided upon request.

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